Clean, fresh-tasting draft beer is back on tap at Main Street Station

We have been very busy with work this Spring, and we should have reported this sooner, but we’re really happy that Main Street Station is back in business in Coshocton.

This is a nice place with a really good menu — check it out here. We installed the 8-tap beer system here when they first opened in July 2020.  Unfortunately the hysterical statewide over-reaction to COVID-19 and the stupid unjustified business lockdowns that hurt so many restaurants in Ohio.  It became impossible for them to staff this place at one point and they had to close for more than a year.

So we were delighted when Walter Bergeron called one day in April to say, “Kevin, we are going to open again in two weeks.  Can you get my beer system ready?” We got there two days later to give the system a deep and thorough cleaning, tuning and re-calibration.  Walter is serving clean, fresh-tasting draft beer again (as always) and his system is back on our regular 14-day beer line cleaning schedule again.

Beer line cleaning is a critical service that removes the many microbes and sediments that accumulate in your system and turn your beer flat, foamy and smelly.  These impurities occur in all draft systems, and they cause lots of waste and increased maintenance costs in your system all year long.

Draft beer is the most efficient and profitable way to serve draft beer and we’re all about helping you generate better taste, less waste, and more profit from your system. When you’re ready to improve your situation, please call Kevin Rose directly at 330-749-4412 or email us here.


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