Draft Beer Line Cleaning

What it is and how it helps

What is it Exactly

Professional line cleaning is a service performed on your entire draft beer dispensing system, employing specific equipment, methods, and processes to ensure that you serve clean, safe draft beer and stay compliant with Ohio law.

What will it Do For Us?


Reduce Waste

Cleaning your lines properly will remove all sediment and accumulated deposits that cause your pressures and calibrations to go awry, and waste beer to foam.

Improve Taste

All beer contains microbes like yeasts which, when left in draft beer lines for too long, will attract fungi to attack them. Proper cleaning will remove these microbes and other impurities, making beer drawn from your taps taste great again. 

Reduce Maintenance an Repair Costs

Your draft beer system contains several critical parts that, when not maintained properly, will eventually fail and require repair or outright replacement. These failures are almost always caused by failing to do proper cleaning in a regular manner and neglecting scheduled maintenance

Improve Your Profitability

When you reduce maintenance and repairs, your profits will rise accordingly. And your bartenders will waste far less beer by pouring foamy heads down the drain.

Excessive foam is most often caused by incorrect pressure due to sediment accumulating in your lines. Professional line cleaning will cure this for you. Ultimately you'll find that when you're consistently serving cleaner, better-tasting beer to your customers they will order it more often.

What is the governing law?

When and how to clean draft beer lines

Ohio Administrative Code: Liquor Control Commission
Chapter 4301:1-1-28 (A) (2)

4301:1-1-28 Beer and wine: cleaning and sterilizing dispensing apparatus. (A) Cleaning of beer and wine apparatus, pipelines, and barrel tubes. (1) Beer pipelines, barrel tubes, faucets, and taps must be cleaned not less than every two weeks, or as recommended by the beer manufacturer, equipment manufacturer, or manufacturer of the chemical cleaner used. In all such methods, the cleaning must be done with a suitable detergent, detergent and sterilizer, or either of the above in combination with an external audio frequency device.

All commercial draft beer systems in Ohio must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every 14 days, and you must keep a signed record showing each date it was done and what methods were used.  The equipment and methods used must be in compliance with the rules set forth in the Ohio Administrative Code Section 4301:1-1-28 (A) (2). You can read it here.

There is no “gray area” or “loophole” in the law.  You can lose your liquor license entirely for flagrantly ignoring this rule, and your Coil Cleaning Record Card shows every potential violation on your premises for the past two years.

For these reasons it is in your best interest to have this work performed by qualified cleaning technicians who follow the law and best practices to keep your system clean. 

And it’s just good business to serve your customers safe, clean beer that tastes the way the brewmaster intended it to

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We are Micro-Matic® certified to clean both short and long draw systems; forced-air, glycol-cooled and combinations systems too.