Refresh Your Event with the Ultimate Pour: Jockey Boxes for Rent

When hosting and an event that stands out, there’s nothing like the refreshing taste of perfectly chilled draft beer. This is where our premium Jockey Boxes come in, as a simple and efficient way to serve cold draft beer at any gathering, whether you’re toasting under the sun or raising your glasses indoors.

Convenienent & Portable

Say goodbye to bulky kegerators and the hassle of ice tubs. Our portable Jockey Boxes are a game-changer for events of any size. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and set up is a breeze.

We are commercial beer tap installation experts, installing tap systems for bars and restaurants all over Ohio.  We built our jockey boxes to go wherever the party is, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor venues, ensuring that your guests enjoy the perfect pour every time.

Serve beer from any keg or several kegs

Whether your preference is for a hoppy IPA, a smooth lager, or a rich stout, our Jockey Boxes are up to the task. You can serve any beer that comes in a keg, even microbrews. 

We have custom-built boxes available in three configurations fitted with:

4 Faucets – to serve beer from 4 kegs

2 Faucets – to serve beer from 2 kegs

1 Faucet – to serve beer from 1 keg.

Our boxes can be attached to any kegs, and any type of beer you choose will be dispensed at its ideal temperature, ensuring that your guests experience the balance of flavors the brewmaster intended them to taste. 

Easy to use, simple to enjoy

We built these Jockey Boxes ourselves, with ease of use in mind. Set-up is straightforward and doesn’t require any special tools or technical know-how. Anyone can operate the system with minimal training, for smooth pourw throughout your event.

A draft beer Jockey Box configured in a white Coleman cooler with 4 taps

Available for rent in

Ashland County

Holmes County

Medina County

Wayne County

Great Microbrews to serve at your next event: