Draft Beer System Maintenance

Protecting your investment

Routine System Maintenance

You can leave it all to us.  During every cleaning visit, we check the temperature of your glycol bath for glycol degradation and we inspect for leaks.  Our purpose is to identify problems before they occur, to save you from incurring major repair costs. We check your line pressures during every cleaning visit, and inspect all gaskets in your line couplers.  We disassemble and hand-clean your tap faucets every time we do a cleaning visit.  We replace these gaskets as needed for no additional charge. 

Scheduled Service


Line Fobs

We disassemble, inspect, and clean the plastic fobs in your draft beer lines every three months. We do the same for glass fobs on a semi-annual basis.

Glycol Cooling Baths

We change glycol baths every 18 months.

Line Jumpers

We change jumpers annually and provide you with a chart of all upcoming scheduled maintenance tasks that are required to keep your system running optimally.  

System Repairs

When you retain us to clean your draft beer system regularly, you are already reducing the likelihood that expensive repairs will arise. But some parts of every system will eventually require repair or replacement.  When that time comes we're here to help you accomplish them and minimize your costs. We're trained and experienced in all aspects of draft beer system repairs, and we work hard to do things right. When repairs are required we provide you with written, guaranteed estimates for both time and materials.  You'll have no surprises and we'll stand behind all the work we do for you.