Clean, fresh-tasting beer now on tap in Nashville, Ohio

Earlier this Spring we installed a new 6-tap draft beer system at the Buckeye Deli in Nashville, Ohio. The bar is now open here and for the first time ever people can now buy a clean, fresh-tasting draft beer in Nashville.

This place is under new ownership since last winter and the new owners have done a nice job with the renovations.  Be sure to stop and see inside when you’re in town for the Nashville Memorial Day Parade this year.  We’ll be back every two weeks to perform our regular 14-day beer line cleaning service here.

Though we service dozens of customers in the surrounding counties (Coshocton, Knox, Stark, Tuscarawas, and Wayne) this is our first customer for line cleaning service in Holmes County.  Beer line cleaning is a critical part of every draft beer program and it must not be neglected. It is the only way to remove the many microbes and sediments that accumulate in your system and foul the taste of your beer. And it has to be done every 14 days, under Ohio law.

We don’t know who is doing line cleaning at all the bars and restaurants in Millersburg, but if you a place that needs it then please tell them to call rose Draft Service.  More than 100 bar and restaurant owners trust us to do this work for them, and you can too.

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