Rose Draft Service: Expert beer tap system installer in Canton

Rose Draft Service is the Canton beer tap system installer with the best industry  expertise and experience.

Expertise and Experience

Kevin Rose is a Micro-Matic® trained and certified draft beer system installer and technician since 2018. Before starting Rose Draft Service he worked for more than 20 years in full-service restaurant management where he had direct P&L responsibility for each restaurant’s draft beer program.   

Kevin’s professional experience running both profitable beer programs and in servicing their systems gives him the unique ability to understand all the challenges that food and beverage operators have to overcome.   

Less Waste. Better Taste. More Profit.

Draft beer can be the most profitable category in your operation.  And the most effective way to reach this goal is to design your program right and have your beer tap system installed properly — by an expert– at the start. 

The right beer tap system design and correct installation will

  • reduce waste,
  • always serve clean, fresh beer that is safe to drink,
  • and earn more profit for you.

Demonstrated Success

We service, maintain and repair more than 95 draft beer systems at restaurants, bars, taverns, pubs and clubs from Ontario on the far west side of Mansfield to North Olmstead to Athens.   

Do you know which systems give their owners the fewest problems and repair expenses for their owners?   

The ones we installed ourselves.

We’ve installed systems for

  • Pubs  Bars & Taverns
  • Restaurants
  • Movie Theaters
  • Microbreweries
  • Special Event Centers
  • Social Clubs
  • Golf Courses
  • Wineries