New beer tap system installed at Standardized Brewing

Today we finished a new draft beer system installation at Standardized Brewing in Lewis Center, Ohio.  The 18-tap dispensing system we installed here has 16 beer lines and 2 additional lines for pouring coffee.

This is a brand new brewery in a great location and it looks like it’s going to be a fun, high-energy place.  Their grand opening is this week so be sure to check it out, if not on opening night then no later than this weekend.

This is the third beer tap system installation in Franklin County we’ve done in just the past couple of years and it went very well.  It is always an honor to be chosen to install dispensing systems for microbrewers, because absolutely no one is more particular about the way beer tastes than they are.  The people running this place are experts in what they do, and we’re confident that they’re going to have a lot of success here.

We’ll be back to clean the system every couple of weeks now that they’re on our regular 14-day line beer line cleaning rotation. Beer line cleaning is a critical part of running every draft beer program. It removes all the microbes and sediments that accumulate in your system and ruin the taste of your beer. They also cause you to lose a lot of beer to foam that your bartenders pour down your drain.  When we clean your beer lines you’ll generate better taste, less waste, and more profit with every pour.

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