Buffalo Wild Wings #1794 opens in Cuyahoga Falls

We’re happy to tell you that the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Cuyahoga Falls has its grand opening today at 11:00 a.m.  They are opening at just the right time during the ongoing NBA and NHL Playoffs and the upcoming Preakness and Belmont Stakes races.  You can check out their hours and menu here.

This new location (#1794) has a newly installed 30-tap beer system.  We know they’re serving clean, fresh-tasting beer here because we performed the initial cleaning and calibration of the whole system last Friday, May 10th.  They’re now on our regular beer line cleaning schedule and we’ll clean this system thoroughly every 14-days.

Professional beer line cleaning removes all the microbes and sediments that accumulate in your lines and cause excessive foam, flat beer, poor taste and skunky aromas.  This happens in every beer system if it’s cleaned improperly or neglected.  Improper cleaning also increases maintenance and repair costs throughout the year.  Big-time national restaurant operators understand this very well, and its why they count on us to keep their systems clean.

Draft beer is the most efficient and profitable way to serve beer, and our service is all about generating Better Taste, Less Waste, and More Profit for your operation.  We now clean beer lines at 11 Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants, among the 100+ locations and more than 1200 lines we clean in Ohio.

When you’re ready to get top-notch performance from your draft beer program call 330-749-4412 to speak to Kevin Rose directly, or email us here.


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