About us

Rose Draft Service, LLC. is a fully licensed and insured draft beer system service company in Wooster, Ohio. 

Rose Draft Service is owned and operated by Kevin Rose, of Wooster. 

Kevin has 20+ years of management experience in food and beverage service. His experience spans all aspects of the industry, both in FOH and BOH.

Kevin is also a certified draft beer system installer-technician.  He personally services every one of our customers’ locations, ensuring that each one is serving fresh, clean, and safe draft beer with every pour.

If you’re licensed by the state of Ohio to sell it, we can help you serve clean, safe draft beer to your customers.  We’ll keep you compliant with Ohio law as well as your local health department’s rules.

We’ll also significantly reduce the amount of waste occurring in your system so you can earn more money serving draft beer.

We generally serve locations within a 60-mile radius of Wooster.  This reduces our travel time and allows us to spend more time on thorough cleaning and proper maintenance.

Even if you’re a little beyond 60 miles from Wooster, you can still give us a call.  We’ll always find a way to help.

Ohio law mandates that all draft beer lines must be thoroughly cleaned every 14 days, using specific equipment and methods. 


Beyond regulatory compliance, regular and thorough cleaning of your system will eliminate most of the beer waste in your program.  This will boost your profitability accordingly.  You’ll sell the same amount of beer, or more, and you’ll pour less foam down the drain.


You’ll probably also hear your customers say that your draft beer suddenly tastes fresher and better, and you’ll find them ordering it more often. 


We hear this almost every time we clean a new location.  

In Wooster where we got our start, we clean almost every draft beer system in town.

As our reputation for reliability and attention to detail grew, people from other towns began to call us to help them.

We now serve locations from Columbus to Cleveland, Mansfield to Canton, and everywhere in between.





About Us